Ash Wednesday, Lent, & Easter 2015

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Online Giving

We encourage parishioners to be good stewards - you can set up regular or one-time sacrificial giving donations and/or pay tuition for faith-formation, day care, and other parish programs, activities and events. Online giving is completely under your control through WeShare.

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Upcoming Events

Lenten Sundays, 2015

Third Sunday of Lent (Mar. 7 – 8): Blessing of married couples, all Masses;

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Mar. 15): Welcome of families with newly-baptized children, 10am Mass;

Fifth Sunday of Lent (Mar. 21 – 22): Celebration and blessing of talents of young people.

We change lives
through the Risen Christ

By Prayer - We pray every day for the success of our parish's mission as well as for our own intentions.
By Presence - We join our communion of faith for mass every Sunday for mutual support and for the Grace God offers us.
By Witness - We love God and neighbor each day.
By Support - We share our gifts and we encourage one another.
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