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The Gift of the Holy Spirit

In one of the Greetings at Mass you may remember, the presiding priest makes reference to the particular gift that each of the Persons of the Trinity offers to us.  He says (echoing St. Paul), “The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God (i.e., the Father), and the koinonia of the Holy Spirit be with you.”  The gift connected to each Person is no accident: The Holy Spirit offers us – koinonia.  What is that? Read more →

The Advocate

In today’s Gospel Jesus promises his followers an “Advocate” – the Holy Spirit.  Why does He call the Spirit that? Read more →

Groups and Gripes

In today’s first reading the Greek-speaking Christians are complaining that they’re being treated as second-class citizens in the early church.  So the (Aramaic-speaking) Apostles appoint some Greek-speaking leaders to work with them.  This sort of difficulty with mixed ethnicities between groups and leaders in the church has played out through history, and it involves us as well. Read more →

The Gatekeeper: Or, Who’s an Expert?

Back in the seminary I was shocked when a philosophy prof said out loud, “Wherever we admit expertise we don’t admit democracy.”  Because I had naïvely swallowed too much of that ‘60s special sauce that democracy was always and everywhere good, I was brought up short.  But then I started to think. Read more →

“Doubting” Thomas

Some of us are old enough to remember when Japan made only cheap trinkets and laughable cars, while Studebakers and Pontiacs and Chryslers ruled the roads.  (My first car was a ’65 Ford Mustang.)   Now you may well drive a Toyota or a Honda (just as I drive a Mazda) because Japanese-designed cars now have a reputation for quality and long life.  If there’s one man most responsible for that change, most knowledgeable people would cite W. Edwards Deming.  You may never have heard of him, but he’s not only a key player in the turnaround to quality of many industries, but a man after today’s saint’s heart.  His most famous quip can be found on posters in industries from (nowadays) Ford to Google: Read more →

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