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A New Year’s Resolution

How would Christ like you to be different on January 1, 2019?  What contribution could you make to your family, to your school or workplace, to our parish, and to your own salvation by changing or reinforcing a habit during the new year?  Let me make a suggestion. Read more →

Welcome at Christmas!

Christmas is, for Christians, the central sign of God’s closeness to us.  In Christ God took on our flesh to show us how much we are loved and accepted even with our confusions, muddles, and sin.  Christ’s Church exists to carry on that message of God’s loving acceptance.  And that is the heart of my message to all who read this on this pre-Christmas weekend.  Welcome, in the name of Christ who comes to be with us! Read more →

Pope Francis’s Christmas Present to Us All

A few years ago Pope Francis laid out his vision for the church in a document called “The Joy of the Gospel.”  It’s frankly amazing.  I encourage you to read it all.  (You can find it at the Vatican’s website.[1])  To give you a flavor of it, here’s part of a summary from Fr. James Martin, S.J., editor at-large of the Jesuit magazine America: Read more →

Advent, Christmas, and This Year’s Calendar

The cycle of the church year (called the liturgical cycle) is one of the ways our Church educates us. We are meant to follow the feasts and even the moods of the seasons of the year as a way of becoming closer to Christ.  The season of Advent, which began last week, is a time of anticipation – looking forward to the Incarnation of the Savior at that we celebrate at Christmas. Read more →

Holy Days of Obligation

Friday is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.  Rather than writing about the meaning of the feast itself, I’d like you to think with me about the whole idea of “holy days of obligation” (which this Holy Day is). Read more →

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