June 9, 2019

Infinite and Ungraspable (What Really Matters, XII)

It is important to have a secret, a premonition of things unknown. It fills life with something impersonal, a numinosum. A man who has never experienced that has missed something important. He must sense that he lives in a world which in some respect is mysterious; that things happen and […]
November 24, 2013

Awakened by The Holy Spirit

Good Morning.  My name is Joseph Salzone.  I was asked to give a talk on my personal journey into stewardship. First I need to give you a very brief history of my life. I moved from Brooklyn to West Babylon in 1986. Like many adults in there 20’s, the only […]
November 24, 2013

Taking a Step with the Lord

Good afternoon, my name is Will Whelan and I am a life-long parishioner of OLOG.  Some of you may recognize me as a Lector but I am also a Trustee, a member of the Finance Council, the Peace and Social Justice Committee and also part of the RCIA team.
November 24, 2013

I Have More to Give

Good afternoon. My name is Michael Engrassia. My family and I have been parishioners at Our Lady of Grace for the past 14 years. Shortly before getting married, my wife (Mary Lou) was researching where we might live and came upon an apartment in West Babylon. With the arrival of […]
November 4, 2013

Fr. Vin’s Talks on Parish Finances – Sacrificial Giving

Sacrificial Giving Renewal Introduction: November 2-3, 2013 This may be difficult for you to hear; it’s certainly difficult for me to talk about. Our parish is at a crossroads, and we have to make some decisions beginning right now. Our choice is forced by our financial situation. This isn’t just […]
September 30, 2013

Upcoming Events

[frame_center width=”270px”] Gallup Member Engagement Survey – MORE INFO HERE! Annual German Oktoberfest, Oct 4 All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1: Holy Day Masses at 5:30pm (Vigil), 8am, 9am, and 7:30pm All Souls’ Day, Nov. 2: Masses at 8am and 1pm [/frame_center]
September 3, 2013

State of the Parish – 2013

Today I want to tell you what keeps me awake at night. In short, it’s the fear that we’ll no longer be able to do the job Christ has given us as a parish – to guide and save souls through the Gospel and the sacraments and through life together […]
August 13, 2013

Parish Accountability and Safe Environment

View the Parish Member Engagement Survey (2013) conducted by Gallup. Annual State of the Parish reports and Financial Reports can be found here. Below find information about the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council, and the Trustees. Gallup ME25 Member Engagement Survey For over 70 years, Gallup has been […]