Introducing WeShare Electronic Giving

Introducing WeShare Electronic Giving

I’d like every household in the parish to consider carefully what you’ll be hearing about WeShare over the next few weeks.  WeShare is our new tool for electronic giving and payments – sacrificial giving to the Sunday collection, Faith Formation tuition, day care tuition, and more.  It’s simple to use, completely under your control, and a potential help to you and to the parish.  Here’s how it works:

  • You click a button on our parish website,, which will take you to the WeShare page for our parish. You don’t have to make any commitment in order to see how it works.  (The button is in the center of the home page, under “Electronic Giving.”)
  • On the WeShare page you can see opportunities for giving; you can give to the Sunday collection weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, and to special collections as well.  You can give one time, or repeatedly,  in any amount with just a few clicks; You can also pay tuition bills for Faith Formation, Day Care, and Angel Care.
  • The first time you choose to contribute you set up an account just as you would at PayPal or or a bank.
  • Your contribution can come from a credit- or debit-card, or directly from a bank account, as you prefer.[1]
  • You can always return to the site to change or stop a continuing contribution.  The entire process is under your control, without having to contact the parish to make changes.
  • WeShare will give you a record of your contributions and payments at any time, again without having to go through the parish office for the information.

Why do I ask you to at least examine WeShare and consider whether it’s right for you?  First, because being a faithful disciple is hard enough, and things that can be made easy about discipleship should be easy.  Stewardship and support of the parish are vital parts of a disciple’s life, and sacrificial giving is difficult – but the process of giving doesn’t have to be harder than it needs to be.  With WeShare you can be a good steward: plan what and when to give, make the commitment, and then not worry each week about finding an envelope or writing a check.  If your income is irregular, you don’t have to commit to recurrent giving – you can give a portion of your income as you receive it.  If you find it difficult to get to church each week you don’t have to mail your gift or remember to make it up – it’s taken care of automatically.  So first, I encourage you to consider WeShare because it’s good for you as a disciple.  It’s a useful and simple tool.

Second, I ask you to consider using WeShare because it’s a help to the parish.  There’s a lot of labor involved in processing your contributions by cash or check – volunteers gather each Monday to open envelopes, total checks, and count cash; and then secretaries post your gifts to your account for tax reporting.  In addition, there’s the labor and natural resources involved in creating the boxed sets of envelopes, the costs of mailing tuition-bills, and other such uses of our resources.  WeShare makes almost all of that disappear, so that parish employees and volunteers can use their energies in more direct service to the Gospel, and your contributions can go directly to serving people.  Plus, there’s the security of not having cash on the property.  (Just last month a pastor/friend told me that his parish’s collection was stolen on a Saturday night.)  WeShare streamlines the support of our mission on our end, too.

You’ll be hearing more about WeShare in the coming weeks; please, look at the information and consider whether it can be a help to you in supporting the parish.  If you’re the sort (as I am) who rarely handles cash or a check but prefers to manage your finances electronically whenever possible, look at the program right away; then you can be a help to other parishioners who can benefit from your experience.

So this week I invite you: Go to our parish website ( and click the button – you don’t have to donate to take a look.  Get familiar with what WeShare can do for you and for the parish.  Even if you choose not to use WeShare for your giving, it’s good to know it’s there as a service to you.  Until next week, peace.


[1] All bank- and credit- or debit-card information is kept securely with WeShare, which follows the highest-level security practices in the industry.  The parish never has access to your account information.