Parish Technology: Info and Opportunities

Parish Technology: Info and Opportunities

If You’re an IT Professional Who Wants to Help, Read On!

The volunteers of the tech committee are individuals who work at our jobs by day and volunteer some of our free time as needed. No one person is expected to do it all – we work as a team. We are a task-oriented committee that attends to ad hoc IT needs, with a couple of evening or Saturday meetings a year to reconnoiter and plan the more involved initiatives. The committee is coordinated by Haydee Santini and reports to and works directly with Fr. Vin. We communicate by e-mail, and when we get together to do IT work. We avoid extra, unnecessary meetings! We work very much like a professional IT department on a quasi-ticket based system.

If you’re an IT professional and would like to help keep Our Lady of Grace IT work in-house, here’s where we could use your expertise and generosity:

  • Networking;
  • Hardware;
  • Software;
  • Programming

Here are some of our upcoming and ongoing projects we could use your expertise for: (These can be either single projects or ongoing commitments, depending on your interest and availability)

  • Replacing our now-eight-year old server (running Windows Server 2003)
  • Upgrading 30 workstations (now running Windows XP and Office 2003) to current software versions
  • Integrating accounting software (QuickBooks 2012) with our new electronic giving portal (for stewardship and tuition) and our Day Care management software
  • Ongoing network administration (DNS, DHCP, IP addressing, active directory, user permissions, mapping drives, troubleshooting registry issues)
  • Managing network security
  • Maintaining software updates
  • Managing peripherals (printers, scanners)
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues as needed
  • (For IT students with an internship interest) Help with projects above as-needed

If you are interested in using your professional skills to help our parish save money by servicing our technology needs in-house, if you have expertise in any of the above areas or other professional expertise you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in volunteering your time and using your technology skills to help serve the community, please use this convenient form to specify the ways you may help out or you may send an email to

Finally: a word of thanks to the parishioners who have been part of our tech committee over the past nine years; your work endures!

Haydee Santini, Coordinator, OLOG Tech Committee
Fr. Vin